Blue Mountains Spiders


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Australia has at least 1,400 known species of spiders. It is highly probable that many species are still to be discovered.

The Blue Mountains is home to many different species of spiders.
Some of these include the Blue Mountains Funnel Web, the famous Red Back Spider, the White-tailed Spider and the Mouse Spider.

Blue Mountains Fauna

(Funel Web Spider)

Blue Mountains Fauna

(White-tailed Spider)

Blue Mountains Fauna

(Red Back Spider)

The redback spider belongs to the same species as the New Zealand katipoand the American black widow. It is about the size of a pea, black in colourand has a bright red wedge on the abdomen.


Blue Mountains Fauna

(Mouse Spider)

At least 40 species of Funnel Web Spider occur through out Australia. Male Funnel Webs are at least six times more toxic than the female. The one exception to the rule being the male and female Blue Mountains Funnel Web, who are of equal toxicity. Both sexes are aggressive.


Blue Mountains Insects


In summer, the intolerable sound of the cicadas echos trough the Blue Mountains. Theses large insects are easily caught by birds and people. It is recommended you leave them alone as a cicada’s life above ground is brief and it needs all the time it has available to find the perfect mate. Cicadas feed on tree sap without causing any noticeable damage like many other garden insects.

Blue Mountains Fauna

A cicada emerging from its nymhal outer shell in the Blue Mountains. The wings are still somewhat crumpled, and not spread as they will be later.

Blue Mountains Fauna

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